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PowerPoint Presentation "Vegetation & Violence"

Presentation Instructions  (download link at bottom of page)

The accompanying Microsoft® PowerPoint presentation is intended for talks in front of lay audiences, such as a municipal arborist addressing their mayor or city council, or presentations to local civic groups (such as Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary, environmental, planning, etc.), home associations, student groups, teacher groups, park district/forest preserves, and others. The presentations can also be used at professional meetings (seminars, planning conferences, Tree City USA conferences, etc.). They can be used to educate developers, builders, landscape architects, architects, politicians, planners, police, justice, engineers, and professional staff working on the city, regional, and state levels.
They may be freely used and modified as long as the credit information on slides 2 and 3, and the “to share this information with others” slide near the end are included in the final presentation. Neither the slides nor the accompanying notes are for citation purposes. Please access the original scientific article to quote this information in print.

Necessary software:
Your computer must have Microsoft® PowerPoint software in order to view and use this presentation. The presentation was designed around the Arial and Times fonts and will look best if your system includes these.

Using the notes:
If you use the “normal view” while reviewing these presentations, you’ll find extensive notes provided. These are intended to enrich the presentation by providing useful additional information that would not fit well on the slides. Presenters are encouraged to print out and include these notes in their talk. Extra information that does not appear on the slide will print in bold in print-outs of the notes. All the information on the slides is included on the notes, so speakers may give presentations solely based on the notes without having to refer to the slides. Alternatively, speakers may base their talks on the slides and just add the bolded text in the notes to the presentation.

Information in brackets exists to provide instructions to the speaker and should not be included in the presentation when given to others. Notes in parentheses include “extra” information that may be included at the speaker’s discretion.