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Green Activities

Looking for ideas for bringing people and nature together or strengthening your own family's connection to nature? The links below will help. They provide advice and opportunities for popular nature-based activities, like camping and hiking. Some also provide new ideas for nature activities.

While these sites are good sources of practical advice, they occasionally contain scientific inaccuracies. Take any claims they make about the benefits of nature with a grain of salt. If you want to learn the facts behind a claim, it's best to read the original reports or summaries written by the researchers themselves.

American Camp Association
Resources for family camping, outdoor exploring, and finding a camp to suit any interest

The Children's Nature Institute
Guided nature walks for families in the Los Angeles area

Green Hour
List of nature activities for any season, sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation.

Hooked on Nature
Simple activities to further your experience with nature

Leave No Child Inside: What Can You Do?

Nature activities for all kids and places for outdoor activities in the Chicago area.

Sustainable Landscaping

Want to add or modify green landscaping around your home, but minimize the toll on the environment or create a wildlife friendly environment? The links below provide general and regional guidelines for responsible, environmentally friendly greening.

University of Minnesota

Provides a comprehensive introduction and advice on design, plant selection, implementation, and maintenance. Pictures are included!

Colorado State University Extension

Provides quick facts of what sustainable landscaping is and common questions to consider before starting.

The Integrated Waste Management Board, California State Government

The California State government provides sustainable landscape practices and other links to help people treat the earth with proper care.


Overflowing with great links and information, the site includes a habitat inventory, a priority worksheet to help start your project, and monthly tips and reminders and more.

University of Connecticut

Contains basic information for sustainable landscaping, a tip of the week, and frequently asked questions regarding Connecticut issues and more.

University of Florida IFAS Extension

Comprehensive programs and publications on sustainable landscaping in Florida, as well as general recommendations.